Student Support

Madison Park Student Support Services

Madison Park provides a variety of support services that help students with different challenges.  Many agencies within the community provide services to the school.Madison Park has School Nurses and a Health & Wellness Center within the school. A student can register at the Health & Wellness Center. If a student would like additional assistance, contact Head of School Culture and Climate, Jason Coburn, at  If a student feels that Madison Park is too large or is not meeting their educational needs, then the student should meet with their School counselor to discuss their options. 

Academic Support

Madison Park Community Center Community Base


Project Reach-U/Mass Boston

(617) 287-5845

Sociedad Latina



(617) 350-7600 EXT. 183

Upward Bound

(617) 287-5845

Clinical Support

Arbour Counseling Services


Boston Public Health Commission


Community-Based Juvenile Justice Program

(617) 445-8618

Youth Development Services


Entrepreneurial  Opportunities

BUILD Boston                       

(617) 600-0532

The Possible Project

(617) 492-9200

Private Industry Council

(617) 423-3755