Physical Education

The Boston Public Schools Physical Education Program aims to expose students to a wide variety of physical activities that will foster the development of knowledge, skill, confidence, and enjoyment need to achieve lifelong physical fitness and well-being.

Physical Education Sequence:

  • Grade 9: General PE, 1 term of Swimming
  • Grade 10: General PE with Sexual Health or Swimming with Sexual Health
  • Grade 11: General PE, Strength and Conditioning and Lifeguarding
  • Grade 12: General PE, Strength and Conditioning and Lifeguarding

General Physical Education

Madison Park Technical Vocational High School offers an instructional Physical Education curriculum of sports and fitness designed to educate students through movement emphasizing the teaching of skills, the acquisition of knowledge and the development of attitudes necessary to achieve and maintain a lifestyle of wellness.


The purpose of this course is to instruct students in fundamental swimming skills. Students will increase their water comfort level and overall success in both beginner and advanced beginner skills.  Students will be educated in the development of attitudes necessary to achieve and maintain swimming as a wellness and life-time activity.  The importance of safe practices in and around the water will also be emphasized.  

*Freshman year this class is a one term rotation.

Strength and Conditioning

The objective of the Strength and Conditioning course offered at Madison Park Technical Vocational High will provide students the opportunity to learn fitness concepts and conditioning techniques used for obtaining optimal physical fitness.  Proper technique, safety, and application of Strength and Conditioning principles will be emphasized.  The course will include both lecture and activity sessions.  Students will be given periodic assessments to determine their progress and understanding of the material.  Students will be required to keep a nutritional log of their eating habits, create a nutritional plan, and develop a personal fitness plan.  The course will empower students to make wise choices, meet challenges and develop positive behaviors in fitness, wellness and movement activity for a lifetime.   

Lifeguarding Training

The American Red Cross Lifeguard Training course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize and respond to aquatic emergencies.  Students will participate in both land based and water based activities.  Students will be given periodic assessments to determine their progress and understanding of the material. The course will include discussions on fitness, wellness and swimming as a life-time activity. Students will be required to demonstrate competency in all required skills and activities, including final rescue skill scenarios.  Students must take and pass the following written exams: Section 1—CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid, Section 2—Lifeguarding Skills.

Sexual Health

“Rights, Respect, Responsibility”- Sexuality Education: Topics include: healthy and unhealthy relationships, consent, effective communication, gender, sexual orientation and identity, STDs, pregnancy prevention and options, decision making, and accessing reliable information.

College Readiness/The Zone         

This course is designed to aid the students in the college selection process. Students will will learn to how research and apply to the college of their choice. Students will be exposed to college essay writing, FAFSA, preparing for college interviews as will as applying for scholarships. RoxMAPP at Madison Park has developed this unique curriculum that will boost the Madison Park Graduating Seniors confidence when applying for college and build a Bridge to Post-Secondary Success.