Cooperative Education (Co-op)

What is Cooperative Education?

Cooperative Education is a State approved program that provides supervised workplace employment and learning experiences for qualified high school seniors.  The Co-op program is supervised by a Cooperative Education Coordinator and is an agreement among an employer, a student, and the school.

How do I qualify?

Seniors who are enrolled in a Chapter 74 approved vocational program for a minimum of two years and sometimes, exceptional eleventh grade students who have two years in the program, are recommended to the Co-op Coordinator by their vocational instructors to participate in the program. The decision to accept a student for Co-op is based on the student’s meeting and maintaining all eligibility requirements.   The employer must offer work in a job related to the student’s career program of study. Students participate in Co-op during their technical-vocational weeks only. Students must write a weekly report on their Co-op experience and are evaluated quarterly by the employer.

Who should I contact?

For more detailed information on the program and the responsibilities of all parties contact Ms. LaTrelle Pinkney-Chase, Cooperative Education Coordinator at