Cooperative Education (Co-op)

What is Cooperative Education?

Cooperative Education is a State approved program that provides supervised workplace employment and learning experiences for qualified high school seniors.  The Co-op program is supervised by a Cooperative Education Coordinator and is an agreement among an employer, a student, and the school.

How do I qualify?

Seniors who are enrolled in a Chapter 74 approved vocational program for a minimum of two years and sometimes, exceptional eleventh grade students who have two years in the program, are recommended to the Co-op Coordinator by their vocational instructors to participate in the program. The decision to accept a student for Co-op is based on the student’s meeting and maintaining all eligibility requirements.   The employer must offer work in a job related to the student’s career program of study. Students participate in Co-op during their technical-vocational weeks only. Students must write a weekly report on their Co-op experience and are evaluated quarterly by the employer.

For Students and Parents

For a student to enter and remain in the Cooperative Education Program, all qualifications and conditions must be met, including: 

  • Must be at least sixteen years of age and be enrolled in one vocational program for a minimum of two years.
  • Must be recommended by their vocational teacher and have a minimum  of a B- in vocational class.
  • Must have a 90% or better attendance and on-time rate.
  • Must have passed MCAS.
  • Must have and continue to maintain a “C” average (2.0) or better overall grade point average with no failing grades.
  • Must have successful completed OSHA 10.
  • Must have proof of eligibility to work – e.g. social security/work visa.
  • If it is a standard practice of the employer to require a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) of all employees, then the student may be requested to provide this information to the employer. CORI information may not be disseminated to unauthorized persons for any purpose, M.G.L c. 71 ¶ 38R.
  • Students must attend their classes on academic week and must be in school on their vocational week when they are not participating in the Co-op Program.
  • If the Co-op assignment is terminated for any reason, the student must immediately return to school and report directly to the Cooperative Education Coordinator.
  • Weekly time cards and journal entries must be returned to validate hours worked.  These MUST be turned in each Monday of the academic week to Ms. Latrelle Pinkney-Chase. The employer must sign time cards and journals.  
  • Ms. Pinkney-Chase, the student and required parties will complete the employment contracts, after a job site has been secured, and requirements have been met.

Para Estudiantes y Padres

Para Estudiantes entrar y permanecer en el program, las calificaciones y condiciones incluyen: 

  • Menos de Dieciseis años y estar inscrito en el programa vocacional por minimo dos años.
  • Tienen que estar recomendados por el maestro vocacional y tener un minimo de B- en la clase.
  • Tener pasado el MCAS.
  • Debe tener buena conducta y asistencia – 93%.
  • Completado OSHA 10.
  • Dede tener prueba de eligiblildad para trabajar.
  • Si es una practica estandar del empleado require (información del registro del criminal) de todas los empleados, se le puede solicitar al estudiante que proporcione esta información al empleador.
  • Estudiantes atenderan las clases en la semana de academia y estaran en escuela en las semana de vocación cuando no esten participando en el programa.
  • Si el programa termina por alguna razón los estudiantes retornaran a la escuela de inmediato y reportar directamente al cordinador del programa.
  • Se deben mostrar las tarjetas de tiempo semanales y las entradas de diario para validar las horas trabajadas. Deben entregar cada lunes de las semana academica a la Sra. Pinkney-Chase. El empleador debe firmar las tarjetas de tiempo y los horarios.
  • Estudiantes deben reportar las ausencias a su empleador y a la Sra. Pinkney-Chase.
  • La Sra. Pinkney-Chase, el estudiante y las partes requeridas completaran el contrato de empleo una vez que se haya haceguarado el lugar de trabajo y se hayan cumplido los requisitos.

Who should I contact?

For more detailed information on the program and the responsibilities of all parties contact Ms. LaTrelle Pinkney-Chase, Cooperative Education Coordinator at