School Parent Council (SPC)

 2019-2020 SPC Minutes

2019-2020 SPC Agenda

All Parents, guardians, and caretakers of Boston Public School students are automatically members of the School Parent Council at the school their child(ren) currently attends.

Who is the MPTVHS SPC? 

  • Advocates for students, families, and the school;
  • Elects representatives to sit on the MPTVHS School Site Council (SSC), BPS Citywide Parent Council (CPC) and the BPS Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SPED PAC);
  • Raises funds to support school activities;
  • Takes a leadership role in promoting parent/family engagement at the school;
  • Promotes an environment of understanding and common purpose among parents, teachers, staff, and administration while supporting the school-wide vision.

What does the MPTVHS SPC do?

The MPTVHS School Parent Council meets regularly to address parental issues and concerns, advocate for school improvement and equitable outcomes for students, and promote an environment of understanding and common purpose among parents and school staff.  The School Parent Council also elects representatives to sit on the School Site Council, the school’s official governing body.

School communities elect representatives to the MPTVHS School Site Council; the Faculty Senate elects teacher/school staff representatives; the MPTVHS School Parent Council elects parent representatives, and the student government elects student representatives.  All elected representatives are responsible for ensuring their groups get information and have an opportunity to give feedback on SSC proposals and decisions. The MPTVHS School Site Council is responsible for reviewing and approving policy such as the school’s family engagement plan, the Whole School Improvement Plan, and the school budget.  In addition, the SSC is responsible for convening a personnel subcommittee that participates in the hiring of BTU staff.

MPTVHS School Parent Council is an excellent way to build strong partnerships between school and home.  By bringing families together, they have an opportunity to voice their concerns while working toward solutions that lead to student achievement and school improvement.

The following are the characteristics of the most effective groups and, therefore, the standard to which all Councils should strive:

 The School Parent Council Executive Committee (Parent Leadership) reflects the diversity of the school.

 Items for the agenda are brought to the table by all stakeholders.  Each meeting has an agenda that is set prior to the meeting date.

 All members agree to a schedule of meetings that occur at a time that is convenient to all. Meeting times and locations are posted according to the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law. Minutes/Notes are taken by a designated member of the council.

Communications with the School Community
 The minutes of all meetings are readily available to all members of the school community. MPTVHS School Parent Council Executive Committee members provide opportunities for the groups they represent to provide feedback and input for agendas and policies the council develops.

Ongoing Development
 Active membership on the School Parent Council is promoted by everyone in the school community as a means for continuous school improvement. MPTVHS School Parent Council works with the FCOC and/or OFSE specialist assigned to the school to support their effectiveness.

Budget and Personnel Obligations
 MPTVHS School Site Council representatives share and report back to the MPTVHS School Parent Council the process to review the school’s budget and approve the discretionary funds ensuring alignment with Whole School Improvement Plan.
 MPTVHS School Site Council representatives take an active role on personnel subcommittees as described in the Collective Bargaining agreement.

When does the MPTVHS SPC meet?

  • School Parent Council meets from 6:00-7:00 p.m. every 2nd Wednesday of the month.

  Join us … Together we make a stronger Madison!

MPTVHS School Parent Council (SPC) Policies and Procedures

  • By-Laws
  • Electing the Members
  • Roles and Responsibilities

The Role of BPS Office of Engagement – The role of the Office of Engagement is to assist parents and teachers in facilitating the organization of the School Parent and School Site Councils yearly nominations of the member body along with the executive committee.